Baseball Tennis

It was ‘garage clean-up day’ on Saturday. Which means G insisted on spending the bulk of the day outside with his dad.

Sometimes I wonder what the neighbors think of us (is it narcissistic to think they’re paying attention). G can often be seen on the porch during his outdoor playing sessions, removing his pants and underpants because they got wet or dirty. And, if I’m not paying close attention, there will be several minutes of public partial naked-ness.

And when he is wearing clothes, the combinations are sometimes…interesting. Like last weekend’s ensemble for playing outside: too-small-brown-bear-slippers paired with sweatpants and a t-shirt. Or Saturday’s outfit of choice: last year’s zip-up pajamas, new rain-boots and a winter coat (even though it was a decent spring day.)

At some point I looked out the window and saw the men playing ‘baseball tennis’.

Maybe there is a lacrosse or hockey game in his future….


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