Gwyneth Paltrow’s tips on living a balanced life

(Taken out of context from the May 2008 issue of Vogue)

Have a driver to take you places so you don’t have to waste precious time getting lost or finding a place to park. (Requires you to have a driver….and a car.)

Order organic farm produce from the internet and shop for clothes on (Assumes you can afford something from

Learn six simple recipes so you can cook dinner with your husband after you’ve put the kids to bed. (Assumes you (1) are still awake after the kids are asleep and (2) do not have any actual work to do.)

Work out only when your children are at school or napping. (Requires you to have a nanny and/or fitness equipment in your home. It also means you can’t have any pesky work obligations during this time.)

If you have multiple homes, keep your closets stocked in each home so you don’t have to move clothes between them. (This requires you to have multiple homes and enough clothes to be able to leave in the closets of said homes.)

Enlist the services of a personal trainer who will work out with you via video chat if you happen to be out of the country. (This requires you to be able to afford a personal trainer – particularly one who can operate at your beck and call. Also, you’d need to take your computer to the gym which might look awkward in Dubai.)

Skip the fashion shows and shop directly from the couturier. (This requires you to have a lot of money and also a name that people recognize. Not sure Olivier Theyskens would take a phone call from me.)

Install a wood-burning oven in your garden so you can make pizzas at home. (This requires you to have a garden and be able to afford a wood-burning oven.)

4 thoughts on “Gwyneth Paltrow’s tips on living a balanced life

  1. This makes me hate Gwyneth Paltrow. Not that I was a big fan to begin with. But now I hate her. I’m also jealous. And extremely resentful of her cluelessness. And exhausted from my own mom experience. Boo! Hiss! Down with Gwyneth!

  2. I’m sure she didn’t think about the fact that ordinary moms with limited resources would be reading the article, feeling a little envious and utterly unable to relate!


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