Nibble, nibble

This weekend, G and I realized our collective dream of building a house made of candy.

For some reason, perhaps our (shared) substantial sweet tooth, the story of Hansel and Gretel is forever etched in our minds – mostly the scene where they come to a clearing in the woods and find a candy house to nibble on.

In fact, I have only to say ‘nibble, nibble’ and G will squeal, ‘who’s that nibbling on my house!’ (A paraphrased quote from the version we read.)  And nibble is pronounced more like ‘nyebble’ for whatever reason. Not sure where G gets his pronunciation cues from.

So on Saturday, we went to the store with candy on the brain. ‘How should I do this?’ I asked the architect in the family, since my crafty projects typically end in disaster.

‘I don’t know,’ was the helpful reply.

I scoured the grocery store aisles for supplies. Graham crackers for the walls and roofs. Ready-made frosting for the glue/cement/foundation. And milk duds, raisinets, peanut butter m&m’s and kit kats for decoration on the house.

It wasn’t pretty. But we didn’t care. We nibbled to our hearts’ content. And by ‘nibble’ I mean, G literally put his face to the house and gnawed upon it. That’s not quite how I’d envisioned it, but I figured we weren’t sharing this delicacy with non-family members.

Added bonus – I got to feel like ‘super-fun-mom-who-builds-houses-of-candy.’

(And we ate hot dogs for lunch, too….because J and I watched ‘Dan in Real Life’ the night before which featured this delicacy in one of its scenes.)


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