Dinosaur Bones

We’re going through a bit of a dinosaur awareness phase in our house at the moment. So I wasn’t overly surprised when I heard G shouting from outside the other day: ‘Daddy! I found some dinosaur bones!’

Unsurprised, but nonetheless curious. What might he consider ‘dinosaur bones’?

My curiosity turned to dread when I heard the panic in his daddy’s voice: ‘No, no, put that down by the trash can – you need to come in and wash your hands right now!’

Racking my brain, I wondered what he’d touched that could be so verboten…animal feces?

Desiccated, winterized squirrel carcass, more like.


2 thoughts on “Dinosaur Bones

  1. Oh gross. That could just send my OCD handwashing behavior through the roof. I guess better he is your son than mine or his hands may be bleeding from all the washing!

  2. Well, I find it was better for all of us that I didn’t actually see the carcass in question….I’d still be having flashbacks if I’d laid eyes on it.


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