Breath of air

The Hen just hit the seven month mark and I have to confess I’m pretty glad about this.  I’m absolutely not wishing him to grow up faster than he is, and I feel a little mournful looking at pictures from the last few months; seeing how much and how fast he is changing.

But.  (There’s always a but.)  Life with a seven month old is so much easier than life with a two month old.  There’s just no denying it.

Just a week or so ago, he wouldn’t, or couldn’t, sit by himself and play for longer than 30 seconds before crying; begging to be picked up.  Just two weeks ago we were still getting up an average of 5 times a night with this kid.  And naps, when they would happen, were short at best and nonexistent at worst.

But then (thank goodness for ‘but’s’) he neared the seven month mark and things, thankfully, started to change.  He now sits by himself, contentedly, long enough for us to be able to do something – send some emails, throw some laundry in the washing machine, work in the kitchen with both arms and hands.  And, for the last two weeks, he only wakes up an average of 2 times a night.  And I am more grateful than I could possibly say, because I’ve been very afraid that life was always going to be this fractured and chaotic.

Not sure if it’s because the daffodils are getting ready to bloom, or because I’m sleeping a little bit more, but the future looks much brighter this week.

AND I actually remembered to pay bills on the 2nd of the month this time………


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