Analysis of a haircut


Since this blog is just a way for me to amuse my friends (all 12 or 13 of you lucky readers)….I’ll offer this.

So we took G for a haircut on Friday.  Think, one long hour of trying to keep an extremely water-on-head averse child happy.  Think, many, many, many tears.  Think, 3 enormous gum balls wrestling with his intestines instead of the trash can.  (A creative way of saying he swallowed them).

Now both grandmothers (who had ‘hinted’ strongly and repeatedly that he needed a haircut) went on and on about how cute his hair looked.  But personally, I am a fan of the unruly, uncut look.

You may let me know if you side with the grandmothers on this issue and I won’t hold it against you.  And what’s up with hairdressers who can’t quite deliver what you asked them to do?  I asked for Laird Hamilton……she gave me Prince (the artist formerly known as).


One thought on “Analysis of a haircut

  1. He looks like a totally different kid! I think I vote for the before pic–the after seems too suburban for the hipsters that you are. 🙂


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