Sore Feet

We were reading with G tonight out of his children’s Bible, about the woman who poured ointment on Jesus’ feet. Ostensibly, she did this because she loved him, or so the text would lead one to believe.  But G’s recollection of the ‘details’ is fairly limited, sometimes.

‘Why did the woman pour lotion [ointment] on Jesus’ feet’, I asked him.

‘Because his feet were sore – right here,’ he replied, pointing to the bottom of his right foot for emphasis.

Instead of trying to steer him to the more correct answer, I just burst out laughing.  And, unfortunately, it wasn’t the first time….I did the same when we were talking about Hannah asking God to give her a baby – Samuel.

‘What did Hannah ask God to give her,’ I asked him.

‘A dog,’ he answered, matter-of-factly.

YOU try to keep a straight face.

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