The King of the Gypsies

I recently switched the boys’ bedtime CD, which makes for quieter nights now that we’re not listening to ‘You are my Sunshine’ in stereo.

As I was listening to it last night, I remembered it was during the movie, ‘So I Married an Axe Murderer’ that I decided I would marry J. He certainly hadn’t asked – we hadn’t even been on a date unless you counted this movie (I had tagged along with two of his roommates). We were watching the preview when his roommate Jake complained about J’s constant listening to ‘Spanish’ music. My ears perked up. Why would a regular ‘American’ kid listen to Spanish music?

And so I learned that he’d spent most of his youth in South America with his missionary parents. Bilingual and good looking. So I decided I would marry him.

Luckily I liked the ‘Spanish’ music, too.

One thought on “The King of the Gypsies


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