So J, crazy/fabulous man that he is, spent what little free time he had Saturday night, Sunday and Monday trying to get this bathroom into use-able shape. The man singlehandedly installed the floor, the toilet (which came with a broken tank, thank you Lowe’s!), a sink/cabinet and the faucet for the tub. He also put insulation between the tub walls – apparently there was none – and installed new (read, not rotten) tub walls for lack of the correct technical term.

My favorite witticisms were:

‘huh, I guess that’s why there are always ants coming through the faucet when we start the boys’ bath!’ (Upon discovery of some kind of ants’ nest in the walls).

‘wow, no wonder there was practically no water flow when you took a shower.’ (Apparently the pipe leading to the showerhead was suffering from some serious atherosclerosis….75% of the pipe was blocked.)


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