3 thoughts on “Ode to a Nail

  1. [Gasps] Stunned, now that’s an understatement! I can almost see you calmly looking down and wondering, “Oh, is that a nail in my foot? Huh, I guess it is.” But, really, it couldn’t have been like that. I appreciate the powerful brevity of the poem, but please tell there’s more commentary to this, like one of Jason’s loving witticisms or some heartfelt concern from the preschooler…

  2. Yeah, I didn’t bother saying I was yelping outside like a deer that had been shot and NO ONE came to my aid because they were all running power tools. And the angle at which I was standing made it really awkward to try and disengage myself from the nail. J managed to rebuke me later for “wearing Crocs while cleaning out the garage.” Apparently he and his brothers haven’t gotten the memo that you don’t leave boards lying around with nails sticking up out of them. No bitterness here, though. [Wan smile.] And G was gone – so all I’ve gotten from him is ‘why do you got a band-aid on your foot?’ Men!


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