The evolution of a good mood

Stage I: The good mood

Isn’t it amazing that a little bit of good weather can elevate my spirits so substantially? We took two stroller walks today. Had an actual conversation while cleaning up the kitchen. Played outside. Took down that wretched Christmas wreath with seriously molded fruit (about 79 days after the holiday actually happened). Chopped the dead perennials. The baby and I ‘played’ together inside when his little hands and feet got too chilly outside – he even rolled over upon request and smiled and laughed and tried to grab chunks out of my face. I made some chocolate chip cookies. I ate a lot of chocolate chip cookies.

Stage II: The bad mood

How or why is it that the same euphorically good mood can be dashed so quickly… repeated demands after bedtime (I need some water, turn on the night light, change the CD, where’s my red blanket), and the baby screaming for much too long? And to compound the chaos – last-minute hammering coming from the living room by the husband and from the bedroom by the preschooler. Seriously? Two people hammering simultaneously while both of them are asking me for things when I’d (mistakenly) thought I was finally going to sit down and get some stuff done?

Stage III: Resignation

Never mind. Maybe I’ll get around to doing whatever it was I was going to do tomorrow. Better just go to bed – it looks like it’s going to be another ‘up every hour’ kind of night. Check on the ‘cherubs’. Ask big brother to tone down the hammering a little bit. Eat some cookie dough. Turn off the lights.


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