Stand by your man

So the Governor Spitzer saga came up in conversation today. Possibly because J listens to the Tony Kornheiser show whenever he’s in the kitchen and Tony loves nothing more than to talk about the same thing over and over and over again.

So as Tony was rehashing the same old details, J asked if I’d stand next to him if he had to give a press conference like that one. Not a chance, I said….in fact, I’d probably give him a script to read that said something to the effect of: ‘My wife isn’t here right now, because she is really, really pissed off at me.’

And J said, yeah, but truth be told, you’d be more mad* about the fact that I spent $80,000 than about the call girls.

I guess you know a thing or two about a person after nearly twelve years of marriage.

*(Make no mistake I’d be plenty mad about the call girls…..but, $80,000????)


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