Secret desires of a preschooler

So, G got in trouble today for causing his little brother distress.  I sent him off to ‘time-out’ and waited a few minutes before interrogating him.

Now, for a newly-4 year old, he is remarkably skilled at ‘working the system.’  If he senses he’s really in trouble, he pulls out all the stops – some very sweet face patting, and deep gazing into my eyes, while clucking ‘I’m so sorry’ in a very sincere voice.

Today must have been one of those days, as he patted my cheeks with his little hands and tried very hard to produce a sincerely sorry expression, while I tried very hard not to laugh at all the acting going on. I was waiting for the ‘I’m so sorry’ bit, but all I got was this:

‘Oh mama……I want a sister.’



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