If I had a ‘rewind’ button…

I’m cheap, I’ve said it before. I’m also persistent/headstrong/crazy. Once I have a plan in my head, it’s very difficult (IMPOSSIBLE) for me to relinquish it.

So, it’s Spring Break around here and I’ve made lists of things I am bound and determined to get done this week. I’m a woman on a mission – so committed that I’ve even banned myself from doing needless internet surfing lest it get me off track. (The ban lasted a solid 48 hours….).

Saturday morning rolled around and I set to work on my to do list. Behold, in the course of cleaning out my purse, I discovered a coupon to save $10 (!) off a tank of gas. This was a very exciting find – (1) as our tank was nearly on empty and (2) as gas cost $3.49/gallon and our old Volvo isn’t exactly fuel-efficient.

Sure, the particular gas station was rather out of the way – but I had to return a package to UPS, mail some letters and pick up a few grocery items, anyway. Sure, we’d received a few inches of snow overnight and the roads were unplowed and a little icy, but it wasn’t like there was a ban on driving or anything.

I left around 11.30am and returned at 1.15pm. Near the conclusion of that hour and 45 minute span, my car slid on a patch of ice as I braked near a stop sign. The car slid into a rather large furniture delivery truck already stopped at the sign. My car’s headlight was smashed, the bumper scratched and the fender dented sufficiently so as to keep the passenger door from opening properly. The furniture truck was just fine – the driver didn’t even know I’d hit him.

So, in summary..

Savings on Gas: $10.00
Car Repairs: $1900.00 ($500 of which is coming out of our pockets)
Husband’s Level of Irritation with me: Priceless


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