Princess dress

G walked by our wedding picture last night (apparently this was the first time he noticed it?)  He pointed to it and said: ‘look mom, you’re wearing your princess dress….and dad’s wearing his work clothes.’

Now since dad’s ‘uniform’ pretty much consists of jeans, a black zip-up sweater and a baseball hat, it’s pretty far fetched to think a morning suit with stroller jacket could ever be considered his ‘work clothes.’

On a semi-related note.  I flipped through the latest issue of Vogue this afternoon and found this wedding dress which I believe does qualify as some kind of princess dress.

It may have cost about $200,000 and it may have required over a thousand hours to make….the article is necessarily coy about such vulgar details. Obviously a commoner such as myself cannot possibly comprehend that level of opulence…..but it is the stuff of fairy tales.

One thought on “Princess dress

  1. Your blog makes me smile. It also makes me feel pathetic for not posting more regularly. You can imagine me smiling pathetically next time you post. 🙂


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