Can of Worms

So my darling husband sends me an email the other day with a link for a recipe for chocolate espresso shortbread. Of course he couldn’t have known that he wasn’t just sending me a recipe. No, by unwittingly directing me to this blog, he has now pulled me further into this blog-vortex-blackhole-world.

He was already exasperated with my love of all things celebrity, but now I’m glued to my computer, whenever possible, living vicariously through this woman who makes delicious things and photographs them beautifully.

And then….. I made the mistake of clicking on a few of her ‘links’.

It’s almost worse than when Molly got me hooked on the soulemama blog. At least I don’t REALLY want to make christmas trees out of felt, or sew my boys pajamas. But oh, to have the time and the inclination to make fabulous food and then to style and photograph it…..

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