Things Undone

We drove past a friend’s house the other day.  I noticed their ‘Christmas’ trees have been sitting in the pick-up truck for the last several months.  I pointed this out to J and was about to say something to the tune of ‘can you believe they’ve had those trees sitting in that truck for almost 2 months?’  

Then I thought of some things we’ve left ‘undone’ since that blessed babe’s arrival:

1. The window screens are still on – the storm windows never got put up this winter.
2. The Christmas wreath is still up, despite making a daily mental note to remove it, despite the preschooler saying last week ‘why is that Christmas thing still up there?’  Gulp.
3. The outdoor furniture (with cushions! eek) is still languishing on the deck.
4. The (uncovered) sandbox is still on the deck along with its slowly-rusting toy occupants. 
5. None of the perennials got ‘chopped’ after fall.  Dead branches and foliage are sticking up everywhere.  I call it a winter garden.  
6. The loaner bassinet has been sitting, unused, in our living room for at least 2 months now, just waiting for the day I will return it to its owner.
7. Our dining room ceiling looks the same as it did 5 months ago….meaning it hasn’t progressed much since the roof and ceiling were removed (and the roof was replaced).  And the pencil sketches on the wall haven’t been painted over, either.
8. I haven’t even opened the New York Times I bought LAST Sunday.  
9.  The garage floor is covered with empty boxes that we apparently can’t simply pick up and stack elsewhere in order to park our car indoors.  
10.  I’ve an enormous pile of unanswered emails and thank you notes to-be-sent from Christmas

I realize in another 6 months it is possible my life will seem less fragmented/chaotic/messy…but in the meantime, take off your glasses when you enter my house.  

And, if in six months I’m still using phrases like ‘since the baby’s arrival’ kindly remind me that it has been a year and the statute of limitations has most definitely run out on using that excuse.  

2 thoughts on “Things Undone

  1. I am with you Nicola! My desk is sitting in front of a wall that is half painted….has been for quite awhile. My hallway has had the wallpaper mostly stripped for a year now and just got a coat of primer the other day! Life slows dramatically with a new baby, but then that new baby becomes a crawler (yikes) and then a toddler that gets into everything and then a preschooler that needs mentally stimulated. I think we have excuses for awhile (or at least i am going to use them)
    ps–i buy a paper about every week….it seems that i get to glance at the coupons and the front page.

  2. Thanks Maria! It is weird how you just get used to living with things like undone ceilings and mostly-stripped-hallways, huh. Some day….


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