Favorite Things

I was speed-flipping through the latest issue of Domino today and found the back page, where some featured person lists their ‘can’t live without items’ that are all fabulous and all cost money.

So, since I’m in ‘no buying anything unessential mode’, I tried to think about things that bring me happiness that don’t cost any money. A good exercise especially during this time of year when February, the shortest month, seems to drag on and warm beautiful spring seems miles away.

The boys at or after bath time.  (Little H’s fat cheeks semi covered by the hood of his cow towel makes me smile.  And G who, almost too big to carry, yells ‘look at the little baby’ as we carry him from bathroom to bedroom.)

Listening to G sing ‘I can be your friend’ or ‘You are my sunshine’ or any song, really.

Having a clean house (for five minutes)

Making enough food over the weekend so I don’t have to cook on Monday.

Playing tag or hide and seek with G (while holding H).  ‘You count and I’ll hide’ he says.  Then, when I say ready or not here I come, he tells me where he’s hiding.  ‘I’m in the closet!’  ‘I’m in the living room!’

Listening to G say ‘excavator with grab’ or ‘excavator with claws’ or ‘compactor’ (from his Bulldozer book.)

Long coffee chats with friends.

Seeing beautiful things….photographs, interiors, nature

Reminiscing with J

Getting busted by G as I’m trying to sneak some candy. ‘Whatcha eating,’ he accuses. ‘Uh, nothing…’ ‘Yes you are. I want some of that.’ And so he chases me around the house until I relinquish what’s in my hand.

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