No Reservations

So it was Valentine’s Day last Thursday.  And, even though Valentine’s Day really loses much of its allure when one graduates from high school, I still feel somewhat obligated to celebrate it.  

Since the dawn of 2008, we’ve made a standing date with our babysitter for Thursday evenings.  Which is great, except, more often than not we’re scrambling to actually find something to do.  And so it happened that Valentine’s Day arrived, on a Thursday, and we actually had a babysitter…with no idea what we were going to do.   

‘What do you want to do?’ ‘I don’t know, what do you want to do?’

This is how the conversation went right up until the minute I picked up my date.  We decided to drive to Indy.  Technically, the driving time would eat up most of our date time.  But my mom had offered to relieve the babysitter for an hour, so, off we went.  

‘What do you feel like eating,’ I asked.  ‘Meat’ was the response.  So, without any dining guide or directions we drove in pursuit of ‘meat’. First stop, Eddie Merlot’s.  A chain restaurant, no less.  J hopped out….and hopped back in.  They’d have a table for us in 2 hours and 45 minutes.  J also felt judged’ (or shamed) by the overly tanned hostess at not having made any sort of reservation for this special occasion.  

Next stop, Sullivan’s Steakhouse.  J hopped out…..and hopped back in.  No tables there….we could have a stand up seat at the bar, though.  Uh, stand up and eat steak?  That’s okay. Again, he felt the judging, pitying eyes of the hostess upon him – you bad date planner, you.

‘You’re going to put this on your blog, aren’t you?’  He asked in a panicky voice.  

Determined to avoid the Cheesecake Factory, we stop at Maggiano’s.  More of the same, but I see that Maggiano’s does offer carry out and grab a menu.  Hungry, and out of time and options, we call in our dinner order only to be informed that it will take at least 45 minutes.  

So, we while away 45 minutes at Border’s, sharing a latte while flipping through magazines and travel guides. Then we pick up our food and begin the drive home while (clumsily) eating our meal – spinach artichoke dip, gnocchi, cannelloni and tiramisu.  

As J pointed out, we got to do all of this without kids, so that automatically makes it fun.  

One thought on “No Reservations

  1. You have a date night every week. Ok so it looks like V-day turned out a little lame, but do what do you usually do? We do the same thing…”what do we do? Where do we go??”
    Why is it that we end up at Target more times that not??


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