Valentine Sweatshop


It seems I’ve, unwittingly, hopped on the treadmill of school obligations. Who knew enrollment in preschool would entail fundraising, fieldtrip permission slips, birthday treats and…valentines. We received a note on Monday (just ‘in case’) with a list of all the classmates and the various and sundry aides and teachers. Bottom line: 28 valentines.

My helper was less than enthusiastic. He painted a few then declared he was tired and, when that didn’t work, said his leg hurt. Nice try! I bribed him with gummy bears which was just the incentive he needed to paint all 28.

Before he’d paint one I’d announce ‘and this one is for Mary (or whatever the student’s name happened to be.) Finally we came to ‘Blake.’

‘And here’s one for Blake’, I chirped enthusiastically, crafty fun mom that I am. ‘I don’t want to do one for Blake,’ was the reply. ‘He took my tractor.’

Fair enough.

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