It’s bittersweet…watching, or at least being aware, your child [is] growing up.

When G was first born I used to spend copious amounts of time reviewing ‘old’ photographs, painfully conscious that his transition from newborn to infant to toddler was happening in what felt like five minutes. And now, with a second little one in the house, I find myself trying to conjure up real memories of G at the same age. Was he ever this small, did he ever cry this much, was he this advanced, wasn’t he MORE advanced and I have no idea.

All I have are the pictures and a few random journal entries that don’t do justice to what he was really like at a particular age, or what it was like to be his parent at that age. It’s not that I necessarily want to step back in time. I find him pretty fascinating and funny these days. But, oh, to have the ability to take any day in the past and have that day, all 24 hours of it, on video for me to watch. Now that would be something.

Less than a month before my digger-loving, song-singing, cake-eating, dirt-playing boy turns 4.



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