A Perfect Hour

I find I am most appreciative of a gift when it is unexpected.

On Saturday morning I got an unexpected gift of a quiet hour at the Chicago Art Institute (with my sidekick H in the Baby Bjorn). I’d actually hoped to see the Winslow Homer/Edward Hopper exhibit, but apparently I’d missed the crucial bit of information that it doesn’t start until mid-February. Story of my life!

Nonetheless, I enjoyed the photography exhibit, featuring Rineke Dijkstra’s and Hellen van Meene’s work. I am NOT an art critic by any means, but I love the colors in van Meene’s photography and how she poses her subjects.The contemporary art section had a beautiful landscape by Gerhard Richter on display. I am always amazed by the photographic quality of his oil paintings.

H was the recipient of much attention from the museum staff and visitors alike. If you had hair like this, people would stare and point at you, too.h.jpg

He was most intrigued by Doug Aitken’s work. Not sure if it was the dark room, the images or the sound, but he is definitely a fan.

I concluded my perfect hour with a quick stop at Intelligentsia for a pound of Decaf Black Cat and the best cappuccino I’ve had in a long time. (Complete with latte art.)

2 thoughts on “A Perfect Hour

  1. Ha! If only….my approach is best described as ‘if you take 50 pictures of the same pose, one is bound to be decent.’


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