I’m not sure if it is because we (1) live in a somewhat ‘boring’ town, (2) are too lazy or cheap to utilize the entertainment options that DO exist, (3) have small children and therefore zero energy and creativity…but it seems our only form of entertainment is watching movies.  

Before or after watching a movie, I will check its rating on ‘Rotten Tomatoes’  just to see if my opinion of the movie meshes with its rating/reviews. If the rating is particularly appalling (and I find out prior to watching the movie) I tend to avoid the movie altogether. Last month, I was in the mood to watch a holiday movie, and requested ‘Deck the Halls’ through Blockbuster online. Prior to watching it, I went online and saw that it had a rating of 2%! I decided not to watch it.

So, in an effort to keep you from wasting time on a bad movie, I present my short-list of the good and the bad that I saw in 2007 (in no particular order).

Evening. Rotten Tomatoes rating 27%. Yikes….what were they (Meryl Streep, Glen Close, Toni Collette) thinking?
Knocked Up. RT rating 90%. Explanation…one reviewer described it as a guy movie disguised as a chick flick..which might account for my disdain for this film. That, or watching it too soon after I’d given birth.
Conversations with God. RT rating 9%. Wow, this movie was painful to watch. All I can say is J picked this one. It was a semi-interesting story just completely ruined by bad-everything-else.
I Think I Love My Wife. RT rating 19%. We watched the whole movie just to see if there WAS a funny line.

Good (all foreign except for one….coincidence?)
Best of Youth. RT rating 95%. Thought the second half petered out (or maybe it’s Blockbuster’s fault for waiting two months to send me the second DVD). But I liked it. If you think about the story and the characters long after the movie is over, that’s the sign of a decent movie (in my opinion).
Black Book. RT rating 76%. Not a movie you want to watch with your mother…but an interesting film. However, once you watch ‘Fateless’ this movie seems really trite!
Jindabyne. RT rating 66%. My lowest-rated movie, but I thought the cinematography was great and the movie really conveyed a sense of suspense and dread….even if it didn’t necessarily go anywhere.
The Lives of Others. RT Rating 94%. Really good….love a movie that makes you think about something in a new way.
Traffik. RT rating not applicable since it was made for television. The BBC version that inspired the movie Traffic – much better, and really gives you a sense of the ‘drug-chain’ if that is the word for it.
Little Miss Sunshine. RT Rating 92%. This movie made me laugh out loud. The ending is too cheesy for my taste, but that’s my only beef with it.

On a related note..we watched Superbad (RT rating 87%) last night. I did find it funnier than Knocked Up, maybe because it in no way resembles my life…yet…but wow, do high school boys really talk like that? If so, I’m really looking forward to life with two teenaged boys.


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