This is Serious

I was in the middle of enlightening a student about notes and crescendos and how to press ivory keys to express musical intent when my phone rang. My phone rings approximately once every seven days, and it’s only ever one of my boy-children on the dialing end. ‘Hello.’ Question mark. Meaning, as I have tried […]

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One Gin: Patron of Hearts

January. That singular time of year when the optimist buried deep within me rears its repressed head, demanding change in absolutely every area of life. Exercise more! Eat fewer cookies! Read more books! Practice more piano! Do something about the 53,000 photos clogging up the computer! Use every minute of every day well! Don’t waste […]

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Flying the Friendly Skies

Two summers ago, as we eked our way across the nothingness that is lower Saskatchewan, returning from yet another 8000km/4000mi+ journey to the Heartland, I knew with frightening certainty that we would not repeat the feat in 2017. Sometimes when in the midst of a trying situation we humans say things like ‘well I’m never […]

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